Although the development and formulation of corporate philosophy is not currently in vogue, we at Valenti Real Estate Services, Inc. have long recognized the necessity and importance of the moral and ethical component in a business. We are in business to make a profit. While many use the profit motive to justify a callous disregard for honesty and fairness, we do not. We are a profit-oriented corporation for three major reasons:

  1. Money is the lifeblood of business; therefore, a requisite for corporate health is financial profitability (survival and growth).
  2. Financial profitability enhances our ability to serve our customers and community (service).
  3. Financial profitability enables the employees and owners of Valenti Real Estate Services, Inc. to enjoy the fruit of their labor (employee fulfillment).

The result of our operations enriches society as well. However, profit is dependent upon service. This is why we are also a service-oriented corporation.
As profitability is the lifeblood of business so is service the wellspring of profitability. Thus we pledge ourselves to the “Golden Rule” of service. (Matt 7:12) Our service is threefold:

  1. We are dedicated to providing optimal service for our customers with whose financial interests we have been entrusted (customer service).
  2. We are also dedicated to provide fair, courteous and responsive service to the tenants in our properties and our customers out of respect for human dignity (tenant service).
  3. Finally, we are dedicated to service in our community as a responsible corporate citizen (community service).

America achieved greatness by being good. Our firm’s desire is to contribute to the goodness of our community.

The above philosophy is based upon the following general principles and beliefs: Paramount in importance is a firm moral/ethical basis in human relations. Consequently, we adhere to the essence of our Christian heritage, which provides the framework of Western Civilization. As such we have an active concern for the individual and the less fortunate (Mich. 6:8). In concert with economic freedom we believe in political freedom through representative democracy which places a premium upon individual responsibilities as well as rights.

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